Hyundai Pavise

Mid duty truck.

An all-new mid size truck.

Introducing the Hyundai Pavise, an all-new model that is set to redefine the mid duty truck segment in New Zealand.

The Pavise represents the latest technology Hyundai Trucks has to offer with class leading powertrains, safety, design and space.

There are a range of chassis and wheelbase options ensuring that your Pavise can handle every challenge in front of it. 

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An all-new mid size truck
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The all-new Hyundai Pavise

The Pavise combines Hyundai’s acclaimed world-class diesel engine technology with proven European transmissions in a truck built for performance. It's also fitted with the latest safety and traction technology.  

Why should you consider the Pavise when looking for your next truck?

- Class leading 12-speed automatic transmission for improved performance, fuel economy and drive-ability.

- World class proven Hyundai diesel engines with power outputs of 250 & 280 horsepower.

- The latest in active safety technology including Hyundai SmartSense features.

- Driver focused, ultra spacious cab with available class leading comfort features.

- European inspired design with influences from the Hyundai passenger vehicle lineup.

- 3 chassis variants and multiple wheelbase options.

- Pavise is backed by our 100% NZ owned & operated Hyundai Trucks dealer network offer 24/7 support.


All the technology you need to stay connected, safe, and comfortable on the road.

Digital Tachograph

Digital tachograph operates easily, accurately and safely to support your business.

FATC with Activated Carbon Filter

 It creates a pleasant cabin environment by filtering out odors, microorganisms, and fine dust particles.

Auto-Light Control (ALC)

 ALC’s sensor responds to changes in ambient light levels such as dusk, dawn or when entering a tunnel and will automatically activate or turn-off the headlamps.

5-inch dual-mono TFT

The large full-digital gauge cluster displays a wide range of information with superb clarity and easy-to-understand graphics. 

8-in AVN

This infotainment unit comes with navigation capabilities and a touchscreen interface that allows for fast and intuitive menu scrolling and feature selection.


 Drivers can always stay in touch with home base thanks to PAVISE’s Bluetooth support of smartphones with Android Auto and AppleCarPlay.

Remote control key

Foldable remote control key provides more convenience.

220V Outlet / USB port

USB / AUX ports

Auxiliary input jacks accommodate MP3players and most types of personal audio entertainment devices.


The all-new Pavise comes packed with all the innovated safety features needed to make you a better and safer driver.

Forward Collision-avoidance Assist (FCA)

On detecting the risk of a collision with the vehicle ahead, FCA will automatically perform the braking if the driver fails to apply the brake pedal to help avoid a collision and/or mitigate damage/personal injury. 

Electronically-Controlled Brake System (EBS)

New electronic controllers provide optimal braking regardless of road conditions and help reduce braking distances.

Vehicle Dynamic Control (VDC)

On detecting wheel slippage, VDC stabilizes the vehicle by automatically regulating torque output and braking individual wheels to prevent loss of directional control and rollover, damage/personal injury.

Lane Departure Warning (LDW)

The front camera monitors the painted lane markers and when the vehicle begins to drift out of the lane LDW alerts the driver with a buzzer alarm and visual alert on the cluster.

Dual Airbags

Large size driver’s airbag provides wide coverage to protect not only the chest and the knees. Passenger airbag also keep passenger’s safety.

Rear View Camera

It provides an extra-wide angle view of the rear when reversing thus reducing the risk of damage.

Water Repellent Glass

Water droplets never get a chance to form but flow easily down the glass for excellent visibility.

Spray Nozzle Integrated Wiper

 Windscreen cleaning is more uniform as the spray nozzle has been built into the wiper arm assembly.


With a cab that is 31% larger than the industry standard, the Hyundai Pavise brings all the comfort and practical design elements that are critical for professional drivers who spend most of the working day behind the wheel of their truck. 

Headlamps / LED Daytime Running Lights

Large Radiator Grille

Wide Outside Lockers

Walk-thru Space

Folding Passenger Seat

Bed Under Storage Space

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