Storm Uru | Hyundai Pinnacle Programme Graduate 2004

We are optimistic about the future

Hyundai internationally has committed to achieving carbon neutrality by 2045. We lead the world in hydrogen technology – one option for the future of clean, sustainable transport. Our advances in battery tech have seen Hyundai EVs rapidly become the benchmark for electric vehicles.  

And locally we’ve been investing in New Zealand’s future for nearly two decades. In 2004, we created the Pinnacle Programme to identify young New Zealanders with potential and prepare them to be this country’s next generation of leaders.

We invite you to meet some of the Pinnacle Programme Graduates. They are living examples of our commitment to the future of New Zealand.

You can see for yourself why Hyundai New Zealand’s optimism is well placed.

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Meet some of the Hyundai Pinnacle Programme students & graduates

The Hyundai Pinnacle Programme enables and inspires young kiwis to be the next generation of global and community leaders. For 15-18 year-olds looking to develop their skills and leadership abilities, this 3-stage programme includes 10 days on board the Spirit of New Zealand, 21 days at Outward Bound and 5 days off grid at Kai Waho.

Discover Pinnacle Programme

Storm Uru | Pinnacle Programme Graduate - 2004

Storm was part of the Pinnacle Programme's first intake back in 2004. Hailing from Invercargill, Storm competed for the NZ Rowing team at two Olympic Games and achieved a bronze medal at the 2012 London Olympics in the men's lightweight double.

The three-time world champion retired from rowing in 2012 and attended Oxford University in 2013 before gaining a job in finance in London. Storm now works for Liontrust Asset Management as Co-head of the Global Innovation team and manages over $1bn in assets.

Reinvesting in the community

As a 100% NZ business, we reinvest right here in New Zealand. That means we support local communities and organisations that make New Zealand the place that it is.


Hyundai Pinnacle Programme

We created the Pinnacle Programme to foster this country’s next generation of leaders and set them up for success, here and on the world stage. Learn more about the programme here.


Isla Day | Pinnacle Programme Graduate - 2022

Isla is currently studying an honours year in biomedical science and loves breaking down and communicating complex science ideas. When she's not at university, you’ll find her advocating for climate justice or dreaming up initiatives to get more young women riding bikes. Get to know Isla here.

James Reilly | Pinnacle Programme Graduate - 2021

James is a 22-year-old Civil Engineer with an interest in sustainable energy and carbon reduction. Growing up, he was always intrigued by the world around him. What is an electron? Why do the planets go around the Sun? Why is the world’s climate changing? Small questions have become big questions as he's grown, developed and explored. Get to know James here.

Liz Chan | Pinnacle Programme Graduate - 2020

Liz has always been excited about the world and spent her childhood constantly exploring through playing music, competing in sports, making art, and volunteering. Today, she is studying Mechatronics Engineering conjoint with Design at the University of Auckland. In the future, she hopes to lead radical innovations and technologies that aid humanity. Get to know Liz here.

Thomas James | Pinnacle Programme Graduate - 2023

Thomas is studying Electrical Engineering at the University of Canterbury. He is inspired by what people have been able to achieve by thinking creatively to overcome challenges, and to find new ways of doing things. He enjoys taking an idea and turning it into something workable, designing and building solutions to the everyday problems he sees in the world around him. Get to know Thomas here.

Georgia Brooks | Pinnacle Programme Graduate - 2020

Georgia is currently studying towards a double degree in Mechanical Engineering and Biomedical Science at Monash University in Melbourne, Australia. This area of study encompasses many of her passions including STEM, complex problem solving and helping others through innovative health technology. She endeavours to become a key contributor to the future generation of bionics and prosthetics. Get to know Georgia here.

Issie Robertson | Pinnacle Programme Graduate - 2021

Issie is studying towards a Bachelor of Science double majoring in chemistry and economics at the University of Otago. Her dream is to someday combine her passion for STEM and business by founding her own start-up. She is passionate about empowering other young kiwis, especially girls, to pursue study and careers within STEM and industry. Get to know Issie here.

Future Positive mobility

In 2019 we introduced New Zealand to the NEXO, our flagship hydrogen-powered SUV. Our iconic IONIQ 5 Electric Vehicle is New Zealand’s Car of the Year. It will soon be joined by its electrifying siblings, IONIQ 6 and the SEVEN Concept vehicle.

Our XCIENT Fuel Cell is the first hydrogen-powered truck to enter New Zealand, and has just been adopted by NZ Post. We will continue to support the expansion of a hydrogen refuelling network to speed up the adoption of hydrogen-powered vehicles, giving our customers choices aligned with a zero-emissions economy.

We don’t have all the answers - yet - but we do have NZ’s largest range of low-emission vehicles including Electric Vehicles, Plug-in Hybrids, Hybrids and Hydrogen Fuel Cell Electric Vehicles, and our combustion engine cars continue to impress with their performance and fuel economy.

With our focus on a positive, sustainable future, we intend to play a pivotal role in helping achieve New Zealand’s carbon emissions targets.


Blurring the line between digital and analogue, the new battery-electric midsize SUV is the flagship model behind Hyundai’s new signature dedicated EV architecture.

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The Electrified Streamliner is Hyundai’s new design typology for the electric mobility era. It satisfies both aesthetic and functional needs, with clean lines and pure aerodynamic form seen in IONIQ 6.

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SEVEN Concept

From its signature Parametric Pixel lights that welcome you back with a unique light show, to a revolutionary lounge-like cabin SEVEN is a boldly electrifying concept SUV unlike anything else.

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The XCIENT Fuel Cell Hydrogen truck demonstrates how hydrogen can be a reliable, future cost-effective replacement to traditional diesel trucks with a longer range, shorter refuelling time, and a greater payload. 

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 The NEXO delivers best-in-class performance while producing no tailpipe emissions, other than purified air and droplets of clean water. The next generation of fuel cell vehicles is now.

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