Large SUV

All-new SANTA FE

A bold new design.

New Zealand's iconic large SUV, now with a bold new look!

With a lifestyle based typology and maximising rear cargo space, the all-new SANTA FE sticks to its roots while receiving an eye-catching new interior and exterior design.

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All-new SANTA FE All-new SANTA FE All-new SANTA FE All-new SANTA FE All-new SANTA FE All-new SANTA FE All-new SANTA FE All-new SANTA FE All-new SANTA FE All-new SANTA FE

Creamy White Matte

Creamy White Pearl

Typhoon Silver Metallic

Magnetic Force Metallic

Pebble Blue Pearl

Cyber Sage Pearl

Ocado Green Pearl

Terracotta Orange

Abyss Black Pearl

Earthy Brass Matte

A strong first impression.

A bold and powerful presence reflects a growing outdoor lifestyle trend, where design is well-suited to both urban and nature-focused settings.

Stylishly robust from all angles, the all-new SANTA FE features prominently glowing H-lights, adding a unique touch to a boldly sculpted yet seamless body.  From the side, the lengthened wheelbase accommodates a bold roofline, powerful volume around the fenders and sharply defined wheel arches, all culminating a sense of grandeur. 

20-inch Alloy Wheels / Sharp Fenders
Black Anodizing Emblem

Wider tailgate

Open for more.

The SANTA FE was designed starting from the Tailgate area to better accommodate the needs of today's consumers. The largest tailgate in Hyundai lineup with the trims pushed to the sides as much as possible, the Wide Tailgate goes one further from being just an ordinary trunk space. It provides a spacious terrace-like space that allows you to experience the outdoors lifestyle - comfortably and effortlessly.

Lift open the full, wide tailgate to connect the indoors with the outdoors, expanding your everyday experiences. 

Bridge Type Roof Rack & Dual Sun Roof

Load more. See more. Make the most out of your outdoors experience with by maximizing the use of the roof.

Hidden-Type Assist Handle

Push for more fun. A hidden delight that gives you easy & effortless access to the roof.

Refined interior with best-in-class space.

The versatile interior flows from the openness of its enlarged tailgate, providing users with a terrace-like space whenever and wherever they need it.

Sophistication meets function

The fully foldable second and third-row seats provide class-leading interior space. The H-motif design is also applied on the interior to the dashboard and air vents. All-new SANTA FE is available with a wide range of high-tech features including dual 12.3" screens, dual wireless charging capability and a UV-C sterilisation tray.

Find your zen

Find your inner zen with all-new SANTA FE. First-row Relaxation Seats with built-in leg rests allows occupants to relax in a comfortable and weightless position. The 6.6-inch full-touch climate control display makes heating and cooling adjustments even more intuitive. 

Practicality for urban and outdoor activities

The all-new SANTA FE provides class-leading cargo capacity and a spacious tailgate opening, which is great for urban lifestyles and impresses in outdoor use, offering plenty of room for everything from sports equipment to camping gear. The new model maximises outdoor functionality with Hidden-type Assist Handle, located in the C-pillar, for improved roof access.

More seat options for you.

  The all-new SANTA FE provides an accommodating selection of seating - ensuring that even your backstage moments are flexible and open for more. 

 6- Seater


Convient design and features.

Digital Center Mirrior

SANTA FE's first-in-class Panoramic Curved Display.

By combining the cluster and audio-video navigation system into one sleek and seamless unit, you can now stay more focused and attentive than ever.

The available panoramic display integrates a 12.3 cluster and high-res 12.3 touchscreen.

Dual Full Auto Air Conditioner
Dual Wireless Charging
UV-C Sterilization Multi-tray

Bilateral Multi-console

World first bilateral centre-console.

The all-new SANTA FE offers the world’s first Bilateral Multi-Console storage space that can be opened by both front and rear passengers.

It's as simple as pushing a button on either end, just like a standard centre-console.

Maximized outdoors functionality.

By actively and continuously distributing power to the front and rear wheels in accordance with changes in the driving environment, the HTRAC system provides a pleasant driving experience by automatically compensating for environmental factors of which the driver may be unaware. Drive safely and smoothly even through rain or snow.


HTRAC all-wheel drive capabilities, combined with multi-terrain control modes, give you absolute confidence on the road.

Drive Mode / Terrain Mode (Auto, Mud, Sand, Snow)

All-new SANTA FE perfectly balances slick city styling with a robust, adventurous look. With multi-terrain capabilities, all-new SANTA FE can also walk-the-talk.

Safety comes first.

Digital Center Mirror

Acts as an additional rear view mirror in case your regular mirror view is blocked by highly stacked objects in the back. The DCM also additionally provides a brighter view of the back at night as well!


Remote Smart Parking Assist

Remote Smart Parking Assist (RSPA) helps remotely park or exit a parking spot. It automatically assists with steering, accelerating, decelerating, and shifting using the vehicle’s sensors. It automatically assists with braking when an object is detected in the vehicle’s path. The driver can perform ‘Remote Operation’ using the smart key when the driver is
outside the vehicle.

Parking Distance Warning

Forward/Side/Reverse Parking Distance Warning (PDW) warns against collisions with
objects around the vehicle at low speeds.

Parking Collision Avoidance Assist

Reverse Parking Collision Avoidance Assist (PCA) provides a warning if there is a risk of collision with a rear object while reversing. After the warning, if the risk of collision increases, it automatically assists with emergency braking. 

Forward Collision-Avoidance Assist

Forward Collision-Avoidance Assist 2 (FCA 2) monitors your surroundings and warns you if there is a risk of collision. After the warning, it automatically assists with emergency braking if the risk of collision increases – with an oncoming
vehicle or while turning right at an intersection, with an oncoming vehicle from the left or right, or while driving down the lane. 

Lane Following Assist

Lane Following Assist 2 helps center the vehicle in the lane. By additionally applying a direct Hands-On Detection Sensor to the existing torque sensor recognition method, the performance to determine whether the driver is holding the steering wheel has been improved.

Smart Cruise Control

Smart Cruise Control (SCC) helps maintain distance from the front vehicle and drive at a speed set by the driver. Automatically stops when the front vehicle stops and automatically starts when the front vehicle departs within a short time. When SCC is activated, it drives automatically, reflecting the learned driving style. When SCC is inactive it learns the driver’s driving style. 


All-new SANTA FE

All-new SANTA FE


Engine Type
1.6 litre 16 valve twin overhead cam with gasoline direct injection, turbocharger and electric motor
Fuel system
Gasoline Direct Injection (GDI)
1,598 cc
Maximum power (kW)
132 kw
Maximum torque (Nm)
265 Nm
Combined power output of petrol and electric motor (kW)
173 kW
Combined torque output of petrol and electric motor (Nm)
350 Nm
Transmission type
6 Speed Automatic


0 - 100 km/h
Top speed (kph)

Exterior Dimensions

4,830 mm
1,900 mm
1,720 mm
2,815 mm

Interior Dimensions

Headroom front
1,045 mm
Headroom 2nd row
1,030 mm
Headroom 3rd row
958 mm
Leg room front
1,052 mm
Leg room 2nd row
1,075 mm
Leg room 3rd row
761 mm
Shoulder room front
1,511 mm
Shoulder room 2nd row
1,475 mm
Shoulder room 3rd row
1,360 mm
Cargo capacity
725 L  / 1,275 mm


2,225 kg
Not available

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On road costs are not included. Excludes Fleet, Government and Rental related sales. Offer available for a limited time or until stocks last.

* Energy consumption figures are based on WLTP3 tests and factory information. These figures are provided to assist you in comparing the energy consumption of the all-new Santa Fe range with other vehicles. The actual energy consumption will depend on many factors, including your driving habits, the prevailing conditions and your vehicle’s equipment, condition and use.

** Finishes specified as leather contain a combination of genuine leather, polyurethane leather (leather substitute) and man-made materials.

*** Compatible smart phones only.