The all-new Hyundai PAVISE

 22 June 2022 - Hyundai New Zealand announced it will launch a mid-duty truck known as the Hyundai PAVISE, in New Zealand next month. The new model joins the Mighty light duty and XCIENT heavy duty models as the brands key models locally.

With class leading powertrains, safety, design and space, the all-new Hyundai PAVISE represents the latest technology Hyundai Trucks has to offer.

Hyundai New Zealand CEO, Andy Sinclair said, “PAVISE open up a new sector for us. We have only had product for the light and heavy-duty markets, so PAVISE allows us to enter a new market which we’re excited about.

Our Mighty product is well received by our existing customers, so with the arrival of PAVISE we’re able to extend our product offering to support their fleet requirements. In addition, we are able to build factory box and refrigeration bodies in Korea, enabling us to better meet our customers’ needs of quicker body build times.”

The large, dynamic cascade grille and the PAVISE name (both inspired by the medieval shield) immediately induce confidence. Its bold, modern, and practical design delivers maximum impact and tells the world you’re ready for business.

Power for the PAVISE comes from Hyundai’s own world class 5.9 litre turbo diesel engine with a power output of 250 horsepower plus full-floating suspensions to ensure the perfect fit for your business. Additionally, the 5.9L 6-cylinder turbo (Max Power 246HP/183kW and Max Torque 853Nm) features new ‘low friction’ piston rings and improved cooling performance that help set a new benchmark for fuel efficiency and smoothness.

It is married to a new silky-smooth ZF Automated Manual Transmission (AMT), whose advanced capabilities include continuous real-time monitoring of the driving scenario to ensure optimal efficiency of the gear shifts and fuel consumption.

In addition, Hyundai’s Advanced Eco Roll shifts into neutral gear to improve fuel efficiency and fuel economy by 2-3% by taking advantage of downhill coasting and flat runs.

The light distribution surfaces of the headlamps have been maximised to improve visibility at night and, for added style and safety, LED DRLs. While the wide outside lockers are a useful space for storing frequently used tools, a road emergency kit or other trip essentials.

Inside the cab, the PAVISE has a European-inspired design with influences from the Hyundai passenger vehicle line-up, making it more comfortable for the driver and passengers.

The PAVISE boasts a driver-focused, ultra spacious fully suspended (all four corners) cab with class-leading comfort features. Wide and comfortable cabs are absolutely critical requirements for professional drivers who spend most of the working day behind the wheel of their truck. PAVISE gives you a cab that is 31 percent larger than the industry standard truck.

The cab includes a bed and a handy tip-up passenger seat that gives you extra room whenever you need it. The backrest folds flat to provide you with a nice flat workstation area.

The PAVISE’s cab suspension mitigates cab vibrations and shocks and minimises cab roll during turning manoeuvres to provide a comfortable, stable and quiet ride. While the rear air cushion maintains a stable vehicle posture for better ride comfort while also allowing the adjustment of the cargo bed height when loading and unloading.

The heated leather steering wheel houses the most frequently used controls, so no need to take your hands off the wheel to answer calls or adjust the audio.

The 5-inch dual-mono TFT in the gauge cluster displays a wide range of information with superb clarity and easy-to-understand graphics, while the 8-inch infotainment unit comes with navigation capabilities and a touchscreen interface that allows for fast and intuitive menu scrolling and feature selection. There’s Bluetooth support for smartphones with Android Auto, Apple CarPlay and MirrorLink.

Plus you can breathe a little easier thanks to FATC with Activated Carbon Filter that creates a pleasant cabin environment by filtering out odours, microorganisms, and fine dust particles.

The PAVISE showcases the latest in active safety technology including Hyundai SmartSense features.

“The PAVISE has the most up-to-date technological crash avoidance systems including

forward collision avoidance, lane departure warning, vehicle dynamic control, autonomous

emergency braking system, electronically-controlled brake system, and both driver and

passenger air bags,” adds Sinclair.

The dual Airbags provide wide coverage to protect not only the chest and the knees and the Rear View Camera provides an extra-wide angle view of the rear when reversing thus reducing the risk of damage. Plus thanks to Water Repellent Glass, water droplets never get a chance to form but flow easily down the glass for excellent visibility.

With a choice of two chassis sizes, you can be sure that your Hyundai PAVISE can handle every challenge in front of it.

Hyundai PAVISE Key Specifications:


GVM                                    15,500Kg / 12,000Kg

GCM                                    25,000Kg / 21,000kg

Wheelbases                       Extra Long Medium 4,900mm /Ultra Long 5,700MM

Engine   5.9L,                     Diesel 6 Cylinder Turbo

Max Power                        246HP/183kw

Max Torque                       853Nm

The new Hyundai PAVISE will be available for viewing at Hyundai Truck Dealers around the country from late July. PAVISE is backed by our 100% NZ owned & operated Hyundai Trucks dealer network that offers 24/7 support.

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