Vehicle to Load Adaptor

“Vehicle-To-Load” (V2L) allows you to use the stored energy from electric vehicles high-voltage to recharge an e-bike, or power electrical camping equipment, or some domestic appliances, and this is even possible when the vehicle is turned off. A V2L External Adaptor is required to use this function.

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Background Information

 V2L technology was first introduced with Hyundai’s new E-GMP dedicated electric vehicle platform. The E-GMP now supports a bi-directional vehicle charge port, which with the aid of Hyundai’s genuine V2L External Adaptor; your electric vehicle can now be used as an external power source to power several electrical devices / equipment or appliances.

The V2L system can supply AC power (230V / 50 Hz) up to a maximum of 3.6kW (or 15 Amps) power consumption. The vehicle is equipped with a system failsafe to prevent V2L overloading.  

When using this V2L, it is important to apply the same caution as you would when using electrical appliances / electrical equipment within your home or place of work.

*IMPORTANT* - Vehicle-To-Load (V2L) should NEVER be connected to the electricity grid (domestic residence or work).  V2L works in a similar way to a portable generator or a large inverter, NOT as battery storage for your home or place of work.

Safety & hazard information

 General safety information & hazards Associated with the V2L External Adaptor & system.

  • The same electricity risks apply with the V2L system as they do with standard 3-Pin power outlets in the home or work. RISKS OF ELECTROCUTION FROM IMPROPER USE.
  • The electrical power from the 3-Pin plug outlet of the V2L External Adaptor has the same hazards as normal utility-supplied electricity in your home or work.
  • Specifications : 230 Volts / 50 Hz, (maximum 15 Amps or 3.6 kW power consumption)
  • NEVER BACKFEED”- this is a dangerous practice to provide power to your home by connecting your V2L to an appliance power outlet (like a dryer power outlet) and allowing electrical power to flow in reverse (backwards) through the electrical distribution (& circuit breaker) board and is redistributed throughout the house – Risk of electrocution or fire.
  • NEVER use the V2L External Adaptor, vehicle charging port or 3-pin outlet power plug while in use with wet hands. It can increase the risk of electrocution. Always handle the V2L External Adaptor with dry hands.
  • NEVER use or allow the V2L External Adaptor to get wet by water (e.g : rain, sprinklers etc), this can increase the risk of electrocution.
  • NEVER insert metal objects into the V2L External Adaptor connectors or in the vehicle charging port, as this action can damage the connection terminals and increase the risk of electrocution.
  • NEVER disassemble the V2L External Adaptor. There is a risk of fire &/or electrocution resulting in injury or death.
  • NEVER use the V2L External Adaptor if the connection is or feels loose.
  • NEVER leave electrical equipment / appliance connected and operating on the V2L External Adaptor unattended.
  • DO NOT use if the electrical cord of the electrical equipment / appliance is damaged or broken. There is a risk of fire and/or risk of electrocution.
  • ALWAYS inspect the V2L External Adaptor for damage, cracks to the casing, damaged terminals, signs of corrosion and contamination BEFORE USING.
  • Ensure there is no foreign substance such as water or dust on/in the V2L terminals, vehicle charging port or 3-pin power outlet BEFORE connecting.
  • Always RECOMMENDED that only one (1) electrical equipment / appliance is connected and supplied electrical power at any one time by the V2L External Adaptor. There is a risk of electrical overload if electrical multi-plug boards are used.
  • Always RECOMMENDED to plug electrical equipment / appliance directly into the V2L External Adaptor.
  • Where possible, avoid the use of an electrical extension cord with the V2L External Adaptor.

However, should the situation require the use of an electrical extension cord, carefully inspect the electrical extension cord to make sure it is in a good condition, not damaged, cut or abraded. Has an earth (3-Pin Plug) is not twisted or overlapped and is appropriately rated for the intended use.

  • DO NOT overload electrical extension cords, as this can increase the risk of a fire.
  • ONLY use electrical equipment / appliance that meets New Zealand standards.
  • NEVER use electrical equipment / appliance if their 3-Pin plug is damaged, bent, worn, or corroded pins.
  • NEVER use the V2L with electrical equipment / appliance in wet and damp locations.
  • NEVER use electrical equipment that has been submerged in water.
  • Any electrical equipment must be thoroughly dry and properly evaluated before use.
  • Power OFF and disconnect the V2L External Adaptor if any electrical equipment / appliance have a strange odour or begin to smoke while they are powered ON or operating.
  • NEVER drop the V2L External Adaptor, as this can risk damage to internal components.
  • NEVER use electrical equipment that requires a continuous power supply, such as medical equipment. The power supply may be interrupted depending on the vehicle’s condition.
  • NEVER use high power electrical equipment / appliances such as an air conditioner, washing machine or dryer.
  • Electrical equipment used outdoors - only use electrical equipment with a waterproof function/rating or use it in a waterproof environment. Do Not use in environments with rain or high humidity.
  • If there is a risk of lightning, do not use the V2L system outside the vehicle.
  • When the V2L is in operation, the vehicle’s cooling fan can operate automatically even if the vehicle is turned off. Do not put your hands near the cooling fan while it is operating.

How to use the V2L External Adaptor

 1. Press” the START/STOP Button to turn ON “ACC or EV READY” condition.

 2. Select ‘EV → Vehicle To Load (V2L)’ on the bottom right of the Infotainment System screen. (A)

 3. Here, you can set the V2L battery-discharging limit for high-voltage battery. Select your preferred limit (%) of State of Charge (SOC) (B) to which you want the system to stop the supply of electricity to the V2L External Adaptor. (80% ~ 20%)

 4. Open the back cover of the V2L External Adaptor (B) to get access to the 3 –Pin power outlet socket.

5. Ensure your desired domestic electrical equipment / appliance’s power switch is in the OFF position and insert its 3-Pin power plug to the power outlet of the V2L External Adaptor and close the back cover, until it “clicks” shut.

6. Insert the V2L Adaptor into the charging port of the vehicle. 

7. Press the “ON” switch ① of the V2L Adaptor, the power indicator ② should illuminate. 

 8. When you no longer need the V2L External Adaptor to provide electrical power, press the switch ① to turn OFF the power indicator ②

9. Before removing the V2L External Adaptor from the vehicle charging port, press the “Door Unlock” button on the vehicle’s remote smart key, to deactivate the charging port lock.

10. Remove the V2L External Adaptor and close the vehicle charge port door.

Vehicle digital LCD cluster display error messages

 V2L has ended. Battery level has reached the set value

When the high-voltage battery level reaches the discharging limit set level, the V2L will stop and the warning will be displayed. If you want to use the V2L continuously, make the discharging limit set level lower than the present battery State of Charge (SOC).

 V2L stopped due to excessive power use

If you use an electrical appliance / equipment that exceeds the maximum power output the vehicle can supply, it will stop working and display a warning message. Make sure that the total power consumption of the electrical appliance /equipment does not exceed the V2L maximum power output (15A / 3.6kW).

 V2L conditions not met

If V2L is interrupted for any of the following reasons, a warning message is displayed.

  • V2L External Adaptor ON/OFF switch
  • V2L External Adaptor overheating
  • Make sure there are no problems with the V2L External Adaptor and the vehicle’s charge port.

 Should you experience a non-operational V2L system – Please visit your nearest authorised Hyundai dealer.