Positive energy, powerful performance.

With Kona Electric Series II, you get a pure electric powertrain that provides up to 484km of driving range.

100kW & 150kW Electric Motor options.

The Kona Electric Series II with the 64 kWh battery sprints from zero to 100 km/h in just 7.6 sec whilst the 39 kWh model gets there in under 10 seconds! Unlike combustion engines, Kona's electric motor delivers 100 percent of its torque instantaneously for strong passing power and quick acceleration from a standstill.

39.2 kWh & 64 kWh High Voltage Battery options.

Kona Electric Series II's high-capacity battery gives you ample driving range for any situation. The maximum driving range reaches up to 484km for the 64 kWh models whilst 39.2 kWh models will cover up to 305 km on a single charge.

* Distances quoted above are WLTP certified ranges.

You choose how to charge

Domestic charging cable

Kona Electric Series II is equipped with an in-cable control box charging cable that you can plug right into a normal wall socket. This charging cable is intended for emergency use only. Using the supplied In-Cable Control Box and a standard household 240V AC 3-pin outlet requires 28h for a full charge for a 64 kWh model.

Home charging station

Many drivers of electric vehicles choose to have a wall-mounted charging point installed at home for faster charging. With the optional 7.2kw in-home wall charger, a 100 percent recharge takes about 9h 15min for the 64 kWh model.

Charging cable for AC charging stations

The charging cable connects Kona Electric Series II to public AC charging points. This cable can also be used to connect to a home wall box. Depending upon the service provider, public AC chargers can have a range of outputs.

Rapid Charging

Using a public DC rapid charger will yield even better results and is capable of up 100kW DC charging. A commonly available 50kW DC rapid charger will charge the Kona Electric to 80% in around 65 minutes for 64 kWh Kona Electric.

Heat Pump System

Hyundai’s heat pump is a leading heat management innovation that maximises the distance that Hyundai EVs can travel on a single charge, scavenging waste heat to warm the cabin. It enables EV drivers to heat their car’s cabin in cold weather without significantly impacting electric driving range, unlike other EVs. (only available 64 kWh models)

Shift By Wire (SBW) gear selector

Everything you need, right at your fingertips. Shift seamlessly between drive, neutral, reverse, or activate the electronic parking brake using buttons conveniently located within the centre console. 

Smart Brake Regeneration System

This advanced system puts the fun into driving by utilising paddle shifters to provide control over four levels of regenerative braking allowing maximum efficiency. There is also a smart automatic setting which uses camera & radar technology to decide for you the best brake regeneration setting for the situation.