New Zealand Golf drive forward with Hyundai New Zealand

 Today New Zealand Golf has announced a new partnership with Hyundai New Zealand as they extend their commitment to grow the love of golf around the country.

Hyundai New Zealand, a 100% Kiwi owned and operated business, has shown its support of golf as a sponsor at the New Zealand Open over the past two years, however this new partnership will enable a deeper connection and allow the team to provide benefits to the New Zealand golf community year round.

Hyundai New Zealand General Manager Andy Sinclair says, “We are excited about the impact Hyundai New Zealand can have on communities around the country through the extended partnership with New Zealand Golf.”

“Over the past two years we have sponsored the New Zealand Open, the pinnacle of golfing tournaments here in New Zealand, and now this partnership will enable us to connect with amateur and social players on a national scale. Golf has one of the highest participation rates in New Zealand and we’re excited to find creative new ways to reach the sport’s passionate fan base.”

New Zealand Golf Commercial and Marketing Manager Jan Rowsell believes the alignment with Hyundai New Zealand will be a huge asset to enriching lives through golf.  

“The positive impact golf has on people, their families and communities is what drives us to be better every day, and to have a partner who shares this vision is unique and exciting,” said Rowsell.

The values of Hyundai New Zealand and New Zealand Golf are well aligned, both have a strong focus on engaging with communities and families, inspiring young people, welcoming innovation and supporting environmental sustainability.

“It is a privilege to have a partner who is just as passionate about making a difference to the lives of New Zealanders. Hyundai’s involvement with the New Zealand Open and the additional passion they bring to that is testament to their loyalty with the game and we look forward to tying it all together to really grow the love of golf around the country.”

Hyundai New Zealand in collaboration with New Zealand Golf plan to develop personalised, statistical information that will be made available to members for the very first time, along with golf gamification and new ways to enable young people to develop a life-long love for the game through initiatives in the LOVE Golf Futures programme.

Sinclair adds, “We’re looking forward to working closely with New Zealand Golf to grow the game here in New Zealand through the LOVE Golf Futures programme and to add value to their membership and the wider golfing community through various activities.”