i30 N Track Warranty


The warranty cover for the i30 N model is, as per current warranty - 3 years / 100,000 km whichever comes first (Manufacture's Warranty)

i30 N – Track Warranty 

  • “Race Events”, racing or the like is excluded and not covered under manufacture's warranty. Note - Definition of a RACE - A competition between other (vehicles) to see which is the fastest in covering a set course.
  • Monitored “Track Events / Track Playday” are covered by manufacturer's warranty. Note - Definition of a TRACK Event / Track Playday:
  1. An organised event in which drivers can drive in a controlled, non-racing environment around an established circuit.
  2. Qualified driving instructors are on hand to coach and advise on vehicle and driving safety.
  3. May include a theory session on safety
  4. No speed restrictions
  5. “Racing” is not permitted
  6. Drivers have a valid driver’s licence
  7. The vehicle is road-legal (with current WOF)
  8. The vehicle is NOT modified in any way for said event (see below)

However, should the owner fit or do any of the following:

  • Non OEM tyres / slicks
  • Non Hyundai New Zealand endorsed rims
  • Non genuine brake materials including rotors
  • Alter the suspension
  • Alter the engine ECU / mapping
  • Fitted a roll cage
  • Modified or altered the intake or exhaust; fitted a non-genuine exhaust
  • Fitted a non-genuine clutch

The manufacture's warranty on the above components and or systems is void.

Normal wear & tear conditions apply for; brakes, clutch and OEM tyres etc.