All-new NEXO

NZ's First Fuel Cell SUV


The all-new NEXO is so beautifully clean, it purifies the air as it drives creating a future where comfort, control, and convenience do not weigh heavy on drivers’ consciences. The NEXO delivers best-in-class performance while producing no tailpipe emissions, other than purified air and droplets of clean water.

This vehicle was born from our vision of a connected and safer tomorrow where vehicles co-exist with us and our environment. The next generation of fuel cell vehicles is now. 

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NEXO’s fuel cell system combines oxygen and hydrogen to power its electric drive motor and charge its high voltage battery. It delivers best-in-class performance while producing no particulates or tailpipe emissions, other than purified air and droplets of clean water.


As you drive the NEXO, hydrogen travels from tanks to a fuel cell stack. Once in the fuel cell stack, hydrogen will go through an electrochemical reaction with the oxygen collected from the air intake. This reaction creates electricity, which then powers the vehicle's motor.


Hydrogen atoms enter the fuel cell at the anode where a chemical reaction strips them of their electrons. The hydrogen atoms are now "ionized," and carry a positive electrical charge which allows them to pass through the membrane. The negatively charged electrons provide the electrical current as they are forced to take the longer path.  


Hydrogen is as safe as gasoline, if not safer. NEXO's fuel is stored inside incredibly durable carbon fibre tanks, tested to withstand extreme heat and pressure. Since these tanks are highly pressurized and hydrogen is much lighter than air, the fuel would dissipate into the air if a tank was punctured. 

The Fuel Cell System



Every aesthetic element of the Nexo was designed to be as clean and pure as its fuel source. And because a low drag coefficient increases range, it was designed to be highly aerodynamic as well. This vehicle is a bold step towards a better future and we’ve styled the exterior to reflect this, making it as streamlined and futuristic as possible.


Enter the next generation of interiors. Inside the NEXO you’ll experience an elevated level of ultra-modern luxury and technology right at your fingertips. From clear LCD displays for navigation, entertainment and driving information to sleek bio-materials, this vehicle makes life easier with the intelligent and intuitive technology conveniences you’ve come to expect.

Hydrogen, the future of fuel