First to sell over 100 new 100% electric vehicles in a month

 The team at Hyundai New Zealand is celebrating a record high of new EV sales in June, selling 105 out of 207 registered passenger 100% electric vehicles in the country. The company is the first car manufacturer to crack sales of over 100 new fully electric vehicles in a month in New Zealand.

General Manager, Andy Sinclair, says “We are extremely excited by the number of new EV sales in June. It confirms that electric vehicles are becoming mainstream, and that our Hyundai models are a preferred choice.”

Sinclair adds, “The mindset among Kiwis is shifting and we are noticing a sense of excitement in the EV market, which goes beyond perceived environmental benefits. Many Kiwis are enthusiastic about the potential beneficial effect on living costs, through significant savings on fuel, fuel taxes, and road user taxes, along with the general perception of lower maintenance and running costs. As our EV charging network continues to undergo rapid expansion and the EV battery technology advances, more and more Kiwis are adopting the EVs lifestyle – it’s very promising!”

As a result of investment in innovation and the future of mobility, Hyundai NZ has achieved many significant millstones:

  • IONIQ was the top selling new 100% EV for 2017 and 2018
  • Kona Electric launched in August 2018 and is now the top selling new 100% EV for 2019
  • Hyundai NZ has over ½ of the new 100% EV market across both IONIQ and Kona*
  • Kona EV won Stuff Top Plug-In Car 2018
  • Kona EV won AA Driven NZ Car of the Year 2018 – EV/PHEV – Best in Class
  • Kona EV won EVtalk EV Car of the Year 2018

Sinclair adds, “It’s an incredibly exciting time for the automotive industry and Hyundai will continue to champion the EV industry and be at the forefront of innovation and change.”

*623 registered new 100% electric passenger vehicles have been sold in New Zealand this year, recorded 30/06/19, of which 323 were Hyundai vehicles.