Hayden Paddon

Hyundai New Zealand is proud to support rally driver, Hayden Paddon.

Hayden Paddon

If anyone knows adventure, it’s Hyundai New Zealand. And if anyone knows adventure at very high speeds, it’s world rally driver Hayden Paddon. We’re extremely proud to help drive Hayden’s success, whether he’s racing at home or representing his country on the global stage. Our commitment to Hayden and his team is unquestionable and we are thoroughly excited about our motorsport activities that include the NZ Rally Championship with the Hyundai i20 AP4, the development of our Kona Electric rally car and our return to the WRC with our WRC2 2022/2023 program in an i20N Rally2 car.

Hayden is New Zealand’s most successful rally driver both nationally and internationally, winning 1 WRC rally, 8 WRC podiums, and more than 40 WRC stage victories. He was the 2011 Production World Rally Champion, becoming the first person in the Southern Hemisphere to ever win a world rally championship. He’s also a 5-time New Zealand Rally Champion and has received many other national accolades.

We are the driving force behind the Paddon’s Pack supporters club and we encourage you to be part of it too.

Paddon's Pack


The world's first Kona EV rally car

In early 2018, an idea was sparked by Hayden and the Paddon Rallysport team to develop the world's first Kona EV rally car in collaboration with Hyundai New Zealand. 

Kiwi rally star Hayden led the project to develop the 400+ kW electric-powered rally car, a project that officially commenced in March 2019.

Following 18 months of intensive work at his Cromwell facility, Paddon and his six-strong team of engineers and designers were delighted to reveal the completed, fully functional Hyundai Kona EV rally car to the world.

Now updated with 2022 livery, our Kona EV Rally Car is ready for the new season.

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Hyundai New Zealand Rally 2022 competition calendar*

5-6 March – Ben Nevis Station Golden 1200 Hillclimb (Hyundai AP4)

8-10 April – Rally of Otago (NZRC, Hyundai AP4)

13-15 May – International Rally of Whangarei (NZRC, Hyundai AP4)

18 June – South Canterbury Rally (NZRC, Hyundai AP4)

14-17 July – Rally Estonia (WRC, Hyundai i20N Rally2)

30 July – Rally Hawke’s Bay (NZRC, Hyundai AP4)

4-7 August – Rally Finland (WRC, Hyundai i20N Rally2)

29 September-2 October – Rally New Zealand (WRC, Hyundai i20N Rally2)

*Hyundai EV rally car dates to be added

About the WRC2 Championship

Every round of the WRC season features WRC2, but drivers and co-drivers can only nominate seven scoring rounds. Their best six results count. To be eligible for the Rally2 category, manufacturers must have made at least 2500 examples of the road-going version of their nominated vehicle model in the previous 12 months. Rally2 cars run 1.6-litre, fuel-injected, turbocharged 4-cylinder engines with a power output of around 285bhp (212kW). They run permanent 4WD and a 5-speed sequential gearbox. Minimum weight is 1230kg, or 1390kg with driver and co-driver. 

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N Performance Range

Driving was never meant to be boring, and with N, it never will be. Push the limits and discover how much fun one can have behind the wheel. 

Hayden is an avid fan of our N range, which has outstanding performance on and off the track. Learn more about our N range offerings below.

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