i20 Cross Features

Designed and Built in Europe

The new i20 is European through and through. Created at the Hyundai Design Studio in Russelsheim Germany, it uses the latest Fluidic Sculpture 2.0 philosophy thinking and exudes European class. In addition, the new i20 is manufactured at Hyundai’s state of the art factory in Izmit Turkey, to precise standards.

Aerodynamic Design

The refined appearance of the all new i20 is emphasised by its long hood, low roofline and sharp crease line that combine to achieve a more streamlined vehicle, lowering the car’s aerodynamic drag figure to 0.30 Cd.

Daytime Running Lights (DRLs)

Daytime running lights serve two functions: added safety and elegant design. Standard on the i20 Cross, they help you stand out from the crowd when cruising, or be seen better in low light conditions when your headlights aren’t in use.

Smart Headlights

The i20’s light-sensitive exterior sensors recognise lowering light levels and automatically turn the headlights on when you need them. They also switch themselves off when ambient light levels increase.
To aid visibility, the all-new i20 benefits from static cornering lights. These are activated during cornering when the steering wheel is turned left or right by more than 25 degrees, helping to illuminate the direction of travel.

Electric Folding and Heated Mirrors

These smart mirrors fold themselves in when the car is locked and conversely unfold when the car is unlocked.

Perfect for those frosty winter mornings, electrically adjustable heated mirrors are an essential feature both for convenience as well as improving rear visibility when it’s cold.

Roof Rails

Heading to the great outdoors or exploring the urban jungle? The Cross comes equipped with standard roof rails with a capacity of 60kg, allowing you to make the most out of your weekend.



The all-new i20 may be compact, but in terms of space, it’s comparable to cars of a size class above. Passengers can stretch out with class-leading total legroom of 1,892mm and there’s plenty of room for carrying their gear too with a generous 326 litre boot.

60:40 Split Foldable Rear Seats:
Whether you need to transport passengers and their belongings, or you have some gardening supplies to pick up, 60:40 split foldable rear seats make it easy to configure the seating and boot space to carry as much as possible.

Multifunction Steering Wheel

The steering wheel-mounted controls let you manage your music, Bluetooth phone calls, and cruise control without taking your hands off the wheel. Skip to your favourite song, mute or adjust the cruise control, answer and end calls - all while remaining in total control of your i20.

Climate Air Conditioning

An advanced climate air conditioning system is fitted as standard on the i20. Simply set your desired temperature and the car will do the rest of the work, automatically maintaining your selected temperature. In addition, there is an automatic defog system for those chilly winter mornings.

Reversing Camera

To make reversing easier and safer, a reversing camera is standard on the i20. Conveniently located in the rear view mirror, the display also offers reversing guidelines for added accuracy.

Glovebox cooling system

Helping keep your food and drinks cool in summer, the i20 has an adjustable air vent built into the glovebox which re-routes cold air from the air conditioning system. That’s cool!

Cruise Control with Speed Limiter

Cruise control is ideal for open road driving, allowing you to relax your right foot while maintaining a constant speed. In addition to cruise control, there is also a speed limiter function to help you maintain a consistent safe speed.

Vehicle Stability Management (VSM) with Electronic Stability Control (ESC)

Designed to help on wet and slippery roads, Vehicle Stability Management works in conjunction with Electronic Stability Control to give the i20 more stability, so you can drive with added confidence on tricky surfaces.

Front and Rear Park Assist

The i20 thinks of everything. To help with parking in tight spots, ultrasonic sensors located at the front and rear give an audible warning if objects are detected.

Child Seat Anchor Points

The i20 is designed to keep Kiwi children as safe as possible with ISOFIX child seat anchor points on the second row outside seats. The i20 also features a deactivation switch for the front passenger airbag if a child seat is required to be used on the front passenger seat.

Advanced High Strength Steel (AHSS)

Hyundai’s capability to make their own high strength steel alloy is a real benefit, one you won’t notice until you need it. Advanced high strength steel makes up 42% of the body structure, which has increased torsional rigidity by an impressive 81% compared to the outgoing model.

Lane Departure Warning System (LDWS)

Utilising cutting edge technology including an advanced camera, the lane departure warning system alerts the driver when the vehicle strays out of a lane without signalling.

1.4 Litre Petrol Engine

Developed from the world’s most advanced design, this petrol engine offers robust performance and fuel efficiency. Whether you’re accelerating rapidly or cruising long distances, the i20 optimises every drop of fuel.

Automatic Transmission with Sportshift

The i20’s dependable automatic transmission offers sequential sport shift which allows you to enjoy manual-style gear shifting without a clutch. The transmission also features a shift interlock function for added safety.

Static Cornering Lights

To aid visibility, the all-new i20 benefits from static cornering lights. These are activated during cornering when the steering wheel is turned left or right by more than 25 degrees, helping to illuminate the direction of travel.

Tyre Pressure Warning System

This works by having a sensor in each tyre which detects pressure variations. So if a tyre pressure becomes too low, a warning light shows on the dashboard giving you the chance to safely stop before the tyre fails.