Diesel Fuel Advice

The common-rail engine technology in our diesel vehicles significantly reduces fuel consumption and emissions, but relies on the use of clean fuel that meets New Zealand standards. Diesel fuel systems can be susceptible to costly damage from poor quality or contaminated fuel.

Diesel can be contaminated by many things, including water and diesel bug. Because we have no control over the quality of fuel used in your vehicle, Hyundai New Zealand cannot be responsible for damage from fuel contamination. It is therefore not covered by your new vehicle warranty.

In reality, this shouldn’t be a major concern. There are just a few things you need to know to avoid this issue completely, and owning a Hyundai diesel vehicle is always a solid, dependable choice.

Some common questions and answers, along with further information about Diesel Fuel Contamination, are shown below.

What is diesel fuel contamination?

Diesel Fuel Contamination is the presence of any unwanted matter in your diesel fuel, including water, rust, diesel bug, petrol and any other foreign objects or material. It is usually the result of poor procedures in storing or transporting the fuel, or a fault in the delivery system.

What would my vehicle be doing if Diesel Fuel Contamination was present?

Vehicle performance problems can range from intermittent lack of power, rough running and engine hesitation to increased fuel consumption, excessive smoking and stalling.

What do I do if I think my Hyundai has Diesel Fuel Contamination?

If you are concerned that your Hyundai may have been filled with contaminated fuel, please call our customer services team immediately on 0800 HYUNDAI (498632). They will answer any questions and manage you through all aspects of this issue. 

What can I do to minimise the risk?

Do not fill your vehicle anywhere but at a reputable fuel station. Never use diesel from farm tanks or fuel that has been stored in any container.

Retain fuel receipts in case you need to pursue a claim against the fuel provider. Try to always fill at the same station so you know where the problem fuel actually came from. Check with your insurance provider that diesel fuel contamination is covered by your policy. Try to avoid fuelling your vehicle when the station is being refiled with the tanker on site (if harmful contaminants are present but have settled-out, they can be stirred up by the filling process).

Ensure you stick to the regular service schedule and have all servicing undertaken by an Authorised Hyundai Dealer/Service Agent.

I have been advised I have Diesel Fuel Contamination. What happens next?

Call our customer service team immediately on 0800 HYUNDAI (498632). We are committed to standing by our customers who experience this issue and we will manage you through the process.

We will arrange for your vehicle to be sent to your local Hyundai dealer, who will advise on the extent of the issue. They will provide Hyundai New Zealand with a fuel sample as evidence of the fuel contamination, which we will arrange to be analysed on your behalf.

Hyundai New Zealand will contact the fuel provider once your fuel receipts are received and advise them of the issue. We will send them the fuel sample and the results of our analysis, as well as your fuel receipts, your vehicle details and Hyundai dealer details.

You should contact your vehicle insurance company and advise them of the issue. Your insurance company may be willing to cover the repair and pursue a claim against the fuel provider.

We will follow through on the issue until a resolution has been found for our customer.