Hayden Paddon's i30 N Challenge

New Zealand’s own WRC star and Hyundai New Zealand ambassador, Hayden Paddon puts some well-known faces to the test behind the wheel of the i30N.

Join Stephen Flemming, Ricky Pointing, Michael Campbell and Michael Hendry as they go head to head to compete for the best time at Highlands Motorsport Park in Central Otago. 

Hyundai i30 N Challenge 1
Challenge 1

Hayden Paddon enlists Michael Campbell to take the i30 N challenge, and in a puzzling twist, the golfing hero tries to keep something off the green for once. Can he keep the i30 N on track and out of the weeds?

Hyundai i30 N Challenge 2
Challenge 2

Stephen Fleming has proven he can control 10 cricketers, but what about 202 kilowatts? Hayden Paddon gave him a taste of a whole different type of power in a i30 N.

Hyundai i30 N Challenge 3
Challenge 3

We let Hayden Paddon try his hand at international diplomacy with Ricky Ponting in the driver's seat. Do you get a Nobel Peace Prize for taming formidable Australian cricketers?

Hyundai i30 N Challenge 4
Challenge 4

Michael Hendry spent time getting used to a different whole type of driver at Highlands Motorsport park recently. Can Hayden Paddon turn a golfer into a racer?