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Achieving perfection at Hyundai

Globally, Hyundai is always striving for perfection. The safest car, the most comfortable car, the most technologically advanced car. Above all, the best car for our customers.

But what guides our design ideas, and how do we apply them to the real world? That’s where our philosophy of ‘Sensuous Sportiness’ comes in, which has helped us create the array of technological innovations that have made our cars some of New Zealand’s favourites.


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Our design process

We base all of our designs on the concept of ‘Sensuous Sportiness’, representing the evolution of Hyundai design since our beginnings more than 70 years ago.

It is the connection between look and feel, between aesthetic and performance. Our cars are both futuristic-looking and sporty, combining the emotional value of the car with its proportion, structure, styling and, of course, technology.

The idea of Sensuous Sportiness is leading next-generation thinking at Hyundai. Our cars have been at the forefront of contemporary automotive design for years, and we believe our philosophy of blending the intrinsic beauty of automobiles with the four fundamentals of car design: proportion, architecture, styling and technology.

1. Design planning

Every idea starts with a spark. For us, that spark comes from our study of global trends and real people’s lifestyles to best envision a car that will suit the modern era. These inspire us to create original concepts and designs.

2. Sketching and rendering

With an idea in mind, we can create an initial sketch on paper, as well as basic computer renders. This rough idea of the car’s shape reveals its intended nature, whether it’s a sleek sports coupe or a new family SUV. The finished draft shows the personality of the car and helps us determine how to improve upon the concept further.

3. Clay model

Drawings are great, but there’s no insight like touch. That’s why, once the sketches are finished, we create a scaled-down model of the car with a 1:1 ratio to provide a realistic physical look at how the car will feel when it leaps off the page into the real world.

4. Digital design model

Once we have looked at the model and made the changes we desire, our team can create a more detailed 3D render of the car. Designers and engineers work together to produce this model, which can be manipulated to assess design features, dimensions and aerodynamics.

5. Full-scale model

At this stage we understand the intention behind the vehicle, its emotional value, and its design specifications. We can produce a full-scale model using a five-axis CNC milling machine, which is then completed by hand to give it the final artistic, nuanced touches of a modern vehicle.

6. Emotional and colour design

There’s only one stage left before we send the new design off for production. The use of colour and material plays a huge role in how people will feel about a vehicle - transforming it from a shiny metal chassis with wheels into an extension of one’s own personality. At this stage, we evaluate the use of different materials, designs and colours to bring the vehicle to life.

Check out our latest designs

All-new Tucson

The all-new Tucson lives and breathes our Sensuous Sportiness design philosophy. From the big touches to the little ones, this car has been built from the ground up to grab attention.

For the first time ever we’ve brought our parametric lighting to a production car. Integrated into the all-new radiator grille are light-reflecting air intakes blended with LED Daytime Running Lights. These are complemented by stylish parametric rear tail lights and chrome moulding.

But this smart SUV has more than aesthetics. It’s earned a 5-star ANCAP safety rating, and features an array of contemporary technological and comfort features.

Discover Tucson


The latest iteration of Hyundai’s highly successful IONIQ EV series is showing New Zealand what a modern, fully-electric SUV can achieve.

Modern Hyundai SUVs are known as some of the best family cars on the market, and the IONIQ 5 is no different. Under the hood is your choice of two battery options, providing up to 225 kW of engine power and up to 460 km of range on a full charge. Inside is a stunning interior made with recycled, eco-friendly materials.

The car doesn’t sacrifice on safety, either, featuring Hyundai’s famous SmartSenseTM active driver assistance technology and a 5-star ANCAP rating.

Discover IONIQ 5