Hyundai Country Calendar Presents: The Innovators

Hyundai New Zealand is proud to be a long-standing partner of Country Calendar. Over the years, Hyundai Country Calendar has aired many stories of farming, entrepreneurship and the never-say-die Kiwi attitude in rural New Zealand. In conjunction with TVNZ, we have developed The Innovators, a short series which takes a glimpse into the life of pioneering Kiwis who find ways to forge their own path, off the beaten track - using Kiwi ingenuity and a can-do attitude. These clips are excerpts from Hyundai Country Calendar - one of the longest running and most beloved New Zealand TV classics.

Planting a Seed

Dan and Jacqui Cottrell from Kiwi Quinoa are pioneering the new super-food, quinoa, on their Taihape sheep and beef farm. Demand is so great that they’ve had to lease additional land to expand the size of their new crop. 

Sustainable Seas

Karl Warr, a Hawke’s Bay fisherman with 20 years of experience, has re-invented the fishing net, to harvest his catch more sustainably. The success of his steel cage innovation has fisheries staff keen to conduct trials.  

Southern Crawlies

John Hollows, a marine scientist at Keewai Ltd, farms fresh-water Koura in forestry ponds across the South, giving a new lease of life to an ancient species and creating a high-value market for a restaurant delicacy.

Flower Girls

Georgia Richards & Dot Kettle leave the city to grow peonies and discover that the peony root has properties which ease their children’s skin problems. They embark on a new venture selling peony soaps and skin balms. 

Super Sheep

Simon Sanders, a Southland farmer, breeds a new sheep that will thrive on steep hill-country and discovers the new breed is also high in super-healthy Omega Three fats, which are in big world demand.

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