Hyundai Testimonials

Every so often on the Hyundai Country Calendar set, the Kiwis featured happen to drive a Hyundai - we asked them to tell us what they think about their car. Whether it's a 10-year old Tucson or a brand new Santa Fe, one thing is for sure - Hyundai owners love their cars!

Karen Weibel

The 2013 Santa Fe offers luxury, comfort & superior mileage for Karen - it ticks her every box. Click below to watch Karen's story.

Steve Olds

Steve can rest easy knowing that he can rely on his Santa Fe, for on and off-road adventures. Click below to watch Steve's story.

Peter Barnes

The Santa Fe's functionality, design and purpose allows Peter to do what he needs to do, in STYLE - he's sticking with Hyundai. Click below to watch Pete's story.

Maree "Pettel" Morton

Maree can't get enough of her Santa Fe! She loves being able to drive a nice car and feel comfortable everywhere she goes. Click below to watch Maree's story.

Award-Winning Hyundai Range

Hyundai Testimonials

Hyundai Country, told by the people who live in it. Click below to listen to their stories.

Hyundai Country Calendar Competition

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Hyundai Motors New Zealand is 100% Kiwi owned - this is something that we're pretty proud of.