Hyundai Auto Link™ connected driver app arrives with Kona

A new proprietary smartphone app, Hyundai Auto Link™, will enhance the way owners connect with their car and much more.

Launched in New Zealand with the new Hyundai Kona small SUV, Auto Link™ is a world-first smartphone app that enables drivers to access information and essential data in real time as never before. Auto Link™ will also roll out into the newly launched i30 model at the same time.

Hyundai New Zealand General Manager Andy Sinclair said the new app will be of use to private, business and fleet owners alike, and it will be rolled out across the full model range eventually.

“This kind of real-time connectivity has always been a ‘holy grail’ for auto technology – and now it’s real and available exclusively to Hyundai owners. If you have a smartphone in your pocket, you can connect with your new Hyundai as never before.

The system provides an interface that joins the car’s own computers with the user’s smartphone. It is a comprehensive ‘platform’ of information systems offering everything from vehicle diagnostics including tyre pressure monitoring and vehicle ‘health check’ status to driving statistics and parking management.

Auto Link™ can even be used by motorists to fine-tune their driving habits for greater fuel efficiency and safety.

Owners can use the system to monitor service intervals and schedule servicing or to request roadside assistance if required. Hyundai will also ensure that owners know when their service is due and provide an easy to use booking service from within the app.

Auto Link’s Parking Management function provides owners with a parking timer and reminder and helps locate the car in big car parks.

All Auto Link functions are available to the user on their smart phones by simply using the familiar ‘swipe right’ action.

Auto Link is available for Apple™ and Android™ operating systems.

Key features of Hyundai Auto Link:

  • Driving Information - Current distance, current travel time, today’s distance, today’s travel time, fuel efficiency, and fuel consumption.
  • Tyre Pressure Monitoring - Displays the individual pressure. Status of each tyre on the vehicle.
  • Driving History - Arrival time, maximum speed, average speed, average fuel efficiency, fuel, consumption, rapid acceleration, hard braking, distance and travel time.
  • Parking Management - Provides parked vehicle location and parking time reminders.
  • Hyundai First Assistance - Can contact Hyundai First Assistance directly with geo-positioning if a problem occurs with the vehicle.
  • Vehicle Health Check - Checks the vehicle status and if a problem is detected, it can alert the Hyundai New Zealand Ambassador Team / Total Service Team.
  • Vehicle Health Report - Provides the customer with monthly Vehicle Health Reports (VHR’s) via email and these VHR’s are also sent to the Hyundai New Zealand Ambassador Team / Total Service Team.
  • Message Box - A messaging system (push notification to mobile phone) to allow contact from Hyundai New Zealand Ambassador Team / Total Service Team.
  • Book a Service - Request - book a service directly to Hyundai New Zealand Ambassador Team / Total Service Team.
  • Hyundai iQ - Auto Link App & Hyundai iQ* integration * Hyundai Customer loyalty platform
  • Hyundai Dealer Network - Map / locations and contact details of our Dealer Network.
  • Vehicle Owner’s Manual - Model specific Owner’s Manual - i30 (PD) & Kona (OS)