IONIQ Electric Series II

Look at IONIQ EV Series II and see the future of mobility and the chance to make a difference. Have the peace of mind knowing that with zero emissions you too can make a difference. By driving the IONIQ, help create a cleaner, better world. What's more, driving the IONIQ is pure fun. With its fully electric powertrain, 300km+ driving range and a 57 minute charge time*, the IONIQ Electric offers an enjoyable driving experience, with zero emissions. 

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IONIQ Electric Entry

IONIQ Electric Entry

  • 100% full electric (311km WLTP range)
  • Lane Keeping Assist (LKA)
  • Smart Cruise Control (SCC)
  • 8” Touchscreen multimedia system

Meridian EV Plan

 We’ve teamed up with Meridian Energy to offer all Hyundai EV owners a $200 account credit + 12 months of free charging on Zero, or a $250 power credit* when you join their EV Plan.  

Their EV Plan is a day/night plan, meaning that between 9 pm and 7 am, your power is up to 50% cheaper than the day rate ^, making charging your EV (and any other power usage during this time) more affordable.

3 ways to charge test

1. In-Cable Control Box (ICCB)
charging cable (25 hours to 100%*)

Recharge your IONIQ practically anywhere. It's designed to connect to a standard 3 PIN wall socket and will recharge IONIQ using household AC current. 

2. Fast Charge Wall Box 7.2 kWh
(6 hours to 100%*)

 The optional accessory wall box for your
household improves charge times by
utilising a high amperage power supply.

3. Public Fast Charging Station
(57 minutes to 80% charge*)

The fastest way to charge your IONIQ. Utilising a powerful DC charging unit, the rapid charger offers a fast and convenient solution to those out on the road. 

* Charging times for the high voltage battery may vary as it is dependent on the condition of the high voltage battery, charger specifications and battery & ambient air temperature.


IONIQ has the range you need


*Read full Meridian terms and conditions, and eligibility criteria here. 

^Comparing the night vs day rates on Meridian's EV plan. Savings vary by network