Hyundai Auto Link Bluetooth®

Hyundai Auto Link Bluetooth® is a smartphone app that  lets you stay connected with your car.

The app connects with a pre-installed module to link your car's on-board computer with your smartphone via Bluetooth®, so you can see driving information.



Helps care for your car

• Easy access to Hyundai Ambassador Team.
• Remote monitoring of your Hyundai’s health.

Helps care for your car

• Alerts you to any sign of faults.
• Parking Management (vehicle location and parking timer).

Become a more economical driver.

• Tracks rapid acceleration and hard braking.
• Monitor your fuel efficiency
statistics on each trip.

Connect to more Hyundai services.

• Servicing reminders sent straight to your phone.
• Instantly book your next visit.
• Contact your local dealership. 

Auto Link Bluetooth® Compatible Models


The Venue comes packed with the latest connectivity and safety features. Auto Link Bluetooth® comes standard on the Entry and Elite models.

Kona Series II

The Hyundai Kona was the first New Zealand vehicle to debut the new Smartlink technology. The Kona Series II comes standard with Auto Link Bluetooth® on Entry and Elite models.

Santa Fe

Auto Link Bluetooth® comes standard on the Santa Fe Entry and Elite models. 


We get asked lots of questions, so here are the most common ones and all of the answers for you.

User Guide

 In case you need help getting started, this guide can give you a quick overview of Hyundai Auto Link.

Device compatibility guide.

We offer the app for both iOS and Android smartphones. The operation of the app can be influenced by the operating system on your smartphone and also the Bluetooth version. So we’ve attached a guide of compatible devices to help out. We’ll keep adding to it as new smartphones and software becomes available.

Hyundai Auto Link Terms and Conditions

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