Virtual Easter Egg Hunt

Join the great Hyundai virtual Easter egg hunt

COVID-19 will not stop us from going on an Easter egg hunt!

17 Easter eggs have been carefully scattered across 17 pages on the Hyundai New Zealand website. Each egg contains a letter (see image, for reference).

The aim of the game is simple:

  • Find all 17 eggs on our website.
  • Combine all the letters.
  • Use the letters to spell out a word or a phrase.
  • Once you've deciphered the word or phrase, post your answer on the Hyundai NZ Facebook page.

There is also an Easter Bunny hiding on one of our 26 Hyundai dealership website homepages... let us know when you've found him too! You can view all our dealerships here.

We encourage you to take care of yourselves, your family and your wider community during this time. 

Happy Easter, 

From the Hyundai NZ team.

Please note that the "H" above does not count towards the 17 Easter eggs that are to be found.