Hyundai and the Environment

Minimising our environmental impact to protect the world we live in is central to everything we do at Hyundai. It starts right at the design-stage, where we work to ensure our vehicles are as efficient as they can be. By designing lighter, more fuel-efficient vehicles, we reduce emissions and resource use. Our aim is to reduce vehicle emissions in our models, and we've started this with the IONIQ and the Kona Electric.

Look at IONIQ and see the future of mobility and the chance to make a difference.

Have the peace of mind knowing that with zero emissions you too can make a difference. 

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The Kona Electric is the first electric compact e-SUV in New Zealand. This ground-breaking newcomer combines two of the fastest growing automotive trends – zero emissions and electric motoring with bold and roomy SUV style.

With over 400km of pure EV driving range, the Kona EV will set a new standard in New Zealand without compromising the design, style and space that sets the Kona apart from the crowd.

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