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The all-new KONA.

Practically unbeatable.

5-years of FREE care on a new EV

We're taking the worry out of motoring with our 5-year FREE care Future Positive Package - available when you buy a new KONA EV, IONIQ 5, or IONIQ 6. 

This Future Positive Package includes:

  • FREE 5-year Warranty
  • FREE 5-year Service
  • Free Wallbox Charger
  • 7.9% Financing available

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Hyundai Country Calendar Competition

To celebrate the final Hyundai Country Calendar prize of the year, we are giving you the opportunity to win a Hyundai NEXO Kids car!

The NEXO Kids car offers children the driving experience of a real NEXO Hydrogen SUV. The interior is a close replica of the real thing, with vegan leather seats, exact stitched detailing, and rear sensors that trigger a sound when the car encounters obstructions.

The NEXO Kids car is made to be their first car, and it is sure to offer new experiences and lasting memories!

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Hyundai SUV Range

We are proud to offer a range of small, compact, medium and large SUVs that are well built, economical and safe – all perfectly suited to the lifestyle of Kiwi families and businesses.

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New Model Releases

Here at Hyundai New Zealand we are proud of our diverse range of vehicles that have been chosen specifically to suit the kiwi lifestyle.

Find out more about upcoming new model releases below and register to be kept up-to-date on their arrival.

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Hyundai Hydrogen

Imagine a future where all forms of transportation and technology function seamlessly and sustainably, emitting zero carbon into the air. Sounds too good to be true, doesn’t it? Well, with hydrogen technology, that future is possible. 


Our sustainability journey

With our focus on a positive, sustainable future, we intend to play a pivotal role in helping achieve New Zealand’s carbon emissions targets.


See why we are Future Positive

At Hyundai we believe cynicism achieves nothing, it’s optimism that drives us forward. We can do nothing about the past but learn from it. The future is ours to create. And we believe in a positive future. See for yourself why our optimism is well placed.


Hyundai Pinnacle Programme

The Hyundai Pinnacle Programme is for 15-18 year-olds looking to develop their skills and leadership abilities. We support youth who are passionate about art, science, business, sport, music, film, performing arts, the environment or politics by providing a 3-stage programme and a personalised mentoring experience.