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Last Year's Power Off Winners

Last year, 17,623 Kiwi families Powered Off, including the Coetzee family of Hamilton -- the lucky winners of our fantastic $10k family road trip vacation. Here's what they had to say about their holiday...

It was extremely exiting to have won the $10K Power Off competition prize run by Hyundai NZ in September 2015. At first, I couldn't believe my ears when I was informed by Hyundai NZ that I won this amazing prize and needless to say, the excitement rapidly spread to the rest of my family members. This win was a first for us and we knew instinctively that this holiday would give us, as family, the ideal opportunity to spend some good quality family time together with the added beauty of not having to worry about funds.

Coetzee Family

So, in realizing just how fortunate we were to have won this prize, we decided to tour down the west coast of the South Island of NZ.  We have been told on numerous occasions just how beautiful the South Island scenery is and we decided that this holiday was allowing us the opportunity to experience its beauty first hand.  


And so, off we went starting our holiday with a train ride from Hamilton to Wellington on the Northern Explorer. Exploring the beauty of the North Island rail track for hundreds of kilometers. In Wellington, a visit to the museum of NZ was a highlight, something that we wanted to do for a long time. After a trip on the Inter Islander to Picton we picked up the Santa Fe (supplied by Hyundai) for the rest of our trip down south. And, without being biased, dare I say at this stage that this vehicle contributed hugely to making our trip a pleasant and enjoyable experience (more about this later).


From Picton it was off to Nelson where we enjoyed a Adrenalin rush on the Skywire and then it was off to Greymouth where we experienced the hospitality of the west coast with white water rafting and ab sailing. A stop over at Frans Jozef Glacier and Fox Glacier for a couple of night did not disappoint and it was spectacular to see these glaciers up close and personal. Snow capped mountain tops and crystal clear rivers contributed to the breathtaking beauty the south island had to offer. 

Franz Josef

Undoubtedly, Queenstown is everyone's favorite and we could see why. With stunning views from the top of the mountains one can hardly describe the beauty of nature in this part of the world, most possibly one of New Zealand's most visited tourist destinations. Equally impressive was Wanaka with its stunning lakes and Cromwell, where we thoroughly enjoyed the mind bending experience of of Puzzle World and where we ate NZ grown Cherries until we could have no more. We were in agreement, central Otago was breathtakingly beautiful where horse riding allowed us to experience this part of NZ in all its glory. 

Puzzle World

In total we traveled 1873 kilometers over our two week holiday period and this was all the more enjoyable in the 2.2 Diesel Elite Ltd Santa Fe supplied by Hyundai for this trip. This vehicle has everything on offer to make any road trip an enjoyable and pleasant experience. Most enjoyable for the kids was the sun roof, which allowed an all-round view from the back seat where they could enjoy the stunning views of snow capped mountain tops without having to peek out the side windows. Without a doubt, the most difficult part of the trip was to hand this vehicle back at Queenstown airport. In all honesty, we lingered a while around the vehicle before we actually handed it back.

Family activity

After Wanaka and Queenstown it was further south to Milford Sound where we enjoyed an overnight boat cruise in the sounds. Hundreds of waterfalls made this an experience to remember forever.  All-in-all, we believe that this holiday experience can be summed up in a single word: "Unforgettable".  

Milford Sounds

This was a holiday that we will always remember and it is with humble thanks and appreciation that we thank Hyundai NZ for this holiday and all the arrangements made to make this an effortless and enjoyable experience for our whole family. Everything was well organized and arranged prior to our departure out of Hamilton. The only thing we had to do was enjoy. It is our conviction that Hyundai NZ does indeed care for the well being of every Kiwi family and occupant of this beautiful country.  Keep up the good work Hyundai NZ, you are not only bringing families together, but you are doing it in style and creating unforgettable memories in the process.

Kindest Regards

The Coetzee Family.

Family Photo