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Nigel's Power Off Tips


We asked Clinical Psychologist Nigel Latta to share some tips about managing screen time in children's everyday lives. Here's what he had to say:

Tip 1

The most important thing is to lead by example. Make sure that you aren’t looking at screens all the time. Set limits on your own use first.

Tip 2

Decide exactly what kind of devices people actually need and when they need them. You probably don’t need a mobile phone when you’re nine, for example. You also don’t need every kind of device there is in the world.

Tip 3

Set limits for everyone about where devices can be used, such as:

-       No devices at the dinner table

-       No devices at cafes

-       No devices at Grandma’s house

-       No looking at a screen during an actual conversation with an actual person

-       No devices after a set time each night.

Tip 4

Make their offline life as interesting as you can by encouraging them to get involved in real world activities as well.

Tip 5

Have regular ‘device free’ days or evenings where the family does something together that doesn't involve screen time.