Hyundai and the Environment

Hyundai Eco Friendly Cars

Minimising our environmental impact to protect the world we live in is central to everything we do at Hyundai. It starts right at the design-stage, where we work to ensure our vehicles are as efficient as they can be. By designing lighter, more fuel-efficient vehicles, we reduce emissions and resource use.  We are also developing hybrid, electric, and hydrogen vehicles. Our aim is to reduce vehicle emissions in our models by 50%, with the ultimate goal being the production of vehicles that burn no fossil fuels at all.

You can see our commitment to the environment in other ways, too, including increased recycling and our support of Sustainable Coastlines.

Hyundai Eco Cars

Eco Tech Research Institute

Our Eco-technology research institute was created to attract leading researchers for key environmental studies. The aim is to become a global force in sustainable automotive engineering - designing next-generation, environmentally-friendly automobiles, electric motor systems, technology to curb automotive exhaust emissions, plus clean-production and recycling technologies.

Hyundai Hybrid Concept Car

Hybrid future

The launch of our LPi hybrid in 2009 and a gasoline hybrid in 2011 show the way to even more environmentally-friendly cars of the future. Our research and investment aims to set a new standard for tomorrow’s automobiles.

Hyundai Car Recycling

Recycling & whole -of-life impact

We’re constantly improving the environmental friendliness of all our vehicles. Our Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) runs from the production design stage right through to final disposal, assessing the total environmental impact of our vehicles. We aim to exceed 95% recyclability in the disassembly process by 2015.