100% Kiwi Owned

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The Hyundai brand has grown rapidly into a global auto industry powerhouse. But first and foremost, Hyundai New Zealand is a New Zealand company.

All our dealerships – and Hyundai’s head office – are 100% owned and operated by New Zealanders. That’s something we’re pretty proud of.

This structure gives you the best of both worlds. The benefits of global resources and the huge investment in Research & Development that Hyundai makes, combined with our local commitment and understanding.

100 NZ sponsorship

In the company of Kiwis

We’re also very aware of what it means to be a New Zealand company. Our commitment to being a good Kiwi citizen starts with our treatment of customers and extends out into their communities.

We actively support national Agricultural Fieldays and NZ sailing. We sponsor Country Calendar and the Spirit of Adventure Trust. And we back the Pinnacle Programme, a unique scholarship which provides talented young New Zealanders with the foundations for success.

We are Hyundai New Zealand, with the emphasis proudly on New Zealand.

Pinnacle Programme