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Hyundai – Build Quality

Build quality

Build quality is an obsession at Hyundai. That’s why we employ the world’s smartest engineers across seven massive R&D sites worldwide, to develop our vehicles. It’s the reason why we make our own steel - so we can ensure the highest quality. It’s why our testing is so punishing and why we even build our own robots to ensure the ultimate in precision engineering. 

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Hyundai – Environmentally Friendly Cars


Hyundai takes a big-picture approach to environmental matters. From improving the efficiency of today’s technologies to designing those of the future, our environmental commitment runs deep. And did you know we even work to keep New Zealand’s coastlines beautiful?

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Hyundai – Cutting Edge Car Design


Why do Hyundai designs look so fresh, stylish and innovative? Because we take design seriously. So seriously, we established our Global Design Center right at the heart of leading-edge technological design, in California. Meanwhile, our Russelsheim facility in Germany plugs us directly into Europe’s automotive trends. Our processes also ensure those designs become reality.

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Hyundai Car Safety


Hyundai never compromises on safety. That’s why vehicles right across our range are packed with class-leading technology as standard. ESC, VDC, BAS, ISOFIX, EBD and more: this is your guide to the what these mean, and what they deliver for you and your family’s safety.

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Hyundai Diesel Engine


Diesel has come a long way in recent years. Cleaner-burning formulations and improved engine design have made it the best fuel choice for greater economy and the environment. We were the first in New Zealand to offer a full range of diesel vehicles and we have the biggest range to chose from, all offering the latest diesel technology. 

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Hyundai – 100% Kiwi Owned

100% Kiwiowned

From head office to our network of dealerships right around the country, Hyundai New Zealand is proudly 100% New Zealand owned and operated. That’s why, after 30 years in New Zealand, we’re proud to be an increasing part of the Kiwi way of life.

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Hyundai – Global Testing Track

Hyundai Worldwide

Hyundai is a global giant, encompassing seven international R&D centres and manufacturing facilities in most continents - including the world’s largest automobile production plant at Ulsan in South Korea. The company can trace its roots back to 1947, but its focus is firmly on the future.

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Hyundai – Award Winning Vehicles


With so much thought put into designing and building our cars, and so much commitment to our customers, it’s nice when someone notices. From Car of the Year to customer satisfaction awards, Hyundai has been winning big accolades at home and abroad.

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