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The HD60 range of medium commercial trucks offers some big thinking about the needs of the driver. The radiator reservoir is installed on the inner side of the fender and is easily checked and replenished. The Fuse Box is installed under the instrument panel and enables quick and easy check ups. The Tool Box provides easy and convenient access to tools. The Fuel tank lock ensures the truck's safety and security. And the service lamp circuit is located right beside the battery for convenient repairs during the night. Servicing is made even easier thanks to the 50-degree tilting cab providing easy access to the engine compartment.

Hyundai HD45 Light Truck Safety – ABS & EBD
ABS with EBD Braking System

The HD series offers increased safety and security of ABS. When the system senses the brakes locking in adverse or slippery road conditions, it automatically adjusts and controls the individual braking-pressures to keep the truck firmly on course and under control. EBD (Electronic Brake Distribution) is integrated into the ABS feature to control brake force according to the load.

Hyundai HD45 Light Truck Safety – Large Brake Linings
Large Brake Linings with Automatic Adjusters

Larger and wider brake shoes and linings (85mm and 110mm) add safer stopping power. Automatic brake slack adjusters give more consistent, safe and efficient braking by maintaining the optimal space between the brake linings and drums.

Hyundai HD45 Light Truck Safety – Field of View
Excellent Field of View

With the new expanded windscreen and optimised seating position, drivers enjoy a maximum field of view. With better forward lines of sight drivers can confidently maneuver in tight spots.

Hyundai HD45 Light Truck Safety – Improved Night Visibility
Improved Night Driving Visibility

Bigger and brighter headlights provide more lumens: Brighter is better for safer night-time driving. Fog-lights add an extra margin of safety to help you see, and be seen. All lighting switches are conveniently located for easy, quick access.

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