Cook up a sensational summer bbq with Al Brown

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Summer barbies, you can't beat 'em. So I've prepared a feast that will go down a treat in the warmer months - and it's something just for fans of Hyundai.

So watch the videos below of me cooking some great Kiwi meals, and when you're done, download the recipes and give them a go yourselves. Even better, get your friends and family together and give them your own summer bbq.

HYN1232 Al Brown Recipes Oysters


Freshly shucked oysters served raw over a bed of ice have always been at the absolute top of my favourite foods.


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HYN1232 Al Brown Recipes Salmon


This sounds like a slightly weird combination, but
you’ve got to go with me on this one, it’s a terrific
entrée, beetroot and basil have a close affinity and the colours are wicked to boot!
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HYN1232 Al Brown Recipes Lamb


This is a terrific combination of flavours that work beautifully with a perfectly cooked pink lamb rack.


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