Country Calendar

country calendar 968 wide

Hyundai New Zealand is very proud to bring you Hyundai Country Calendar, showcasing memorable stories from the heartland.

The show first went to air on Sunday the 6th March 1966 and it's come a long way since the first episode.  Front man Fred Barnes’s formal suit and broadcasting studio are a thing of the past. The show now shoots on location, keeping it real by putting farmers in their environment at the heart of the show. Hyundai New Zealand takes immense pride in supporting a 100% Kiwi owned and operated programme, that values and showcases who we are as a nation.

The 2015 season is now off-air.  We are excited to be planning the 2016 season and looking forward to celebrating a big milestone for New Zealand's longest running television series.

While you're waiting, check out exclusive online content from the 2015 season, called Over the Fence by clicking here.